Jason Organ

Indiana University School of Medicine

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Indiana University School of Medicine


My laboratory at IU School of Medicine studies the relationship between bone and muscle mechanics at the whole-organ level, and how tissue-level mechanisms influence whole-organ function. We utilize numerous in vivo model systems to understand how disease, exercise, and pharmaceutical intervention influence bone and muscle structure, cellular activity, and biomechanical properties. We study these properties in the context of chronic kidney disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, and normal postnatal ontogeny, using a variety of techniques: imaging (CT, DXA, X-ray), histology (static and dynamic histomorphometry), muscle electrophysiology (in vivo ankle torque, in vitro whole muscle contractility), and bone mechanical testing (bending, compression, reference point indentation). The Organ Lab is funded by the NIH and IUSM/Showalter Research Trust.

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