Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal

All Saints University College of Medicine

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All Saints University College of Medicine


•Over 20 years' clinical experience
•AHA-ASA Certified BLS Instructor
•19 years' experience teaching in medical schools in 10 countries
•19 years' research experience (medical/health, informatics and Web)
•USMLE-trained more than 300 Board-certified doctors in US and Canada
•14 original research papers and 6 peer-reviews in international journals
•Over 30 scientific print publications and review articles
•560 online educational videos, 3,850 Subscribers, 390,000 Viewers and 197 followers
•11 papers in international conferences (Stanford, Orlando, Washington, Chicago, Seychelles, Dubai, Rwanda)
•Honorary Faculty of MERLOT of California State University
•Honorary Faculty, Specialty Editor and Reviewer of WebmedCentral
•Provisional Patent holder (January 2014) from USPTO on a computerized medical program invention.
•Over 20 Awards, Prizes, Patents

•Computers, information technology and digital skills
•Research and analysis
•Level 5 leadership skills
•Executive healthcare administrative skill
•Motivating and mentoring individuals and teams
•Fostering team spirit among diverse work groups
•International, multicultural interaction
•Multi-tasking / working to tight deadlines
•Excellent writing skills
•Excellent speaking skills to large audiences