Rebecca Fisher

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

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University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix


I received my Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from Yale University and I completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I joined the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix as a founding faculty member in 2006 and was responsible for designing the anatomy curriculum and the gross anatomy laboratory. I currently serve as course director for the Clinical Anatomy block (for first year medical students) and the Advanced Clinical Anatomy elective (for fourth year medical students). My research focuses on the functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and I enjoy working with undergraduate students in the lab. I am also passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. I am a member of the AAA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and the UA COM Phoenix Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and I serve as the faculty advisor for the LGBTQ in Medicine student group on my campus.