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    Thanks for bringing up the use of 3D printing.  My focus on 3D printing and most recently on 3D laser cutting (see 2019 publication below) began in 2013 with purchase of MakerBot 3D printer and use of Photo-To-Mesh, a program to make 2D images into stl files for 3D printing.  My primary interest was ...

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    Hi Bradley, Thank you so much for initiating this discussion.  I am extremely interested. I am a PhD student at the University of Hong Kong looking at the effectiveness of 3D printed models on anatomy education. I also had previous experience with manufacturing my own models using a portable 3D scanner ...

  • Three cheers (and a high five) to Lisa for being such a constant source of positive feedback and suggestions! Thanks for your input - we are incorporating your suggestions. I’ll buy you a “thank you” umbrella drink of some sort in San Diego. :) Cheers Karen ------Original Message------ Thanks for ...


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    Thank you to all who completed the 2019 Membership Survey. The survey was designed to help AAA identify ... more

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