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    Dr. Leichnetz, Thank you for your input. I am not so sure your unfortunate diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is due to HCHO exposure. As implied by the terminology. 'Idiopathic' means the etiopathogenesis of IPF is still not known. The jury is still out on what is the exact cause of IPF. ...

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    The University of Michigan Anatomical Donations Program (UM-ADP) is looking to hire licensed funeral directors for full and part time work. We are hiring a full-time Program Coordinator and part-time Coordinator Assistants .  Interested individuals must apply through the "Apply Now" button in ...

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    Saw this on Twitter (yes, I know the link is Facebook!) and thought I'd share. If you or someone you know is attending, a report back (e.g., suitable for the Anatomy Now newsletter, if appropriate) would be great. Otherwise, this is really FYI, for anyone looking for models or just keeping tabs on the ...


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