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  • Hello Frank, Your question has two components, one more technical and the other more educational. I will address mostly the second aspect. First, thank you for uploading the University of New England collection to the VMD. I often find and use slides from your collection.  I will not say much about the ...

  • Hello -     At the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, we have been hosting our virtual microsope through an on-campus server for Aperio's ImageScope (.svs) files. We have about 250 students that regularly need access to the image bank. Recently, our on-campus server has started ...

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    Anybody can join the community by going to the menu bar above, click the "Communities" menu, click on "All Communities". This will take you to a page displaying all the communities that are available to join, scroll down to the 3D Printing community and hit the "join" button on the right. ------------------------------ ...


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    Thank you to all who completed the 2019 Membership Survey. The survey was designed to help AAA identify ... more

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