Casey Holliday

University of Missouri

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University of Missouri


I'm an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Paleontology. I like to figure out how things work and how they change over time (development, ontogeny, deep time). I like basic anatomical approaches like histology, dissection and imaging and use these tenets to get at complicated systems like cranial kinesis and cranial function, or epiphyses, sutures and joints, or how animals evolved particular adaptations, like biting really hard. I like fossil crocodiles most followed by the lowly dinosaurs. I like 3D model building and using engineering approaches to test biomechanical hypotheses of animal function and evolution. I also like to go dig up fossils, but don't get enough time to do that. I really enjoy teaching, training and growing those in my lab including undergrads, grad students and postdocs. I teach clinical gross anatomy to medical students.

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