Tips To Get Started

Here are six steps to help get you started:

1.  Your Profile. You will already have a profile on Anatomy Connected. Simply Login using the same username and password you use to access the members-only pages of You will be directed the website and then redirected back to Anatomy Connected. If you have forgotten your login information, reset it via the website or contact us at 301-634-7910. (TIP:  Some organizations have very strict firewalls that may interfere with your ability to receive messages.  Please be sure to ask your IT department to “white list” 

2.  Change your email preferences. You have already been subscribed to the "Daily Digest," meaning you'll get one email each day containing all of the previous day's posts. If you'd like to change that to “real time” (you'll get an email every time something new is posted to the community), “no emails” (you can view the discussions online but won't receive emails) or “unsubscribe.” To make changes to the frequency of emails, go to your profile page and click the “My Settings” button and make your selection.

3.  Update your profile. Click on the link to import your LinkedIn profile (to keep from uploading your photo and bio again, etc.). If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, simply enter your information into the profile page.

4.   Post a message.  Got a question?  Your colleagues have the answer!  Go to the "Open Forum, then “Discussion,” then click "Post New Message" and send a note to your colleagues within the “Open Forum.”

5.   Join the conversation. See an interesting question? Do you have the correct answer? Go to the “Discussion,” then click “Reply to Discussion” (to send a message to the entire discussion) or “Reply to Sender” (to send the sender a private reply).