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    Hi Thomas, We were similarly unsure how to approach this dissection a few years ago and tried many different ways, compared approaches, etc.  We wrote up a dissection guide that was just published recently in ASE.  T he complete dissection guide in the appendix of the paper as well as a case-based ...

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    Most difficult part will be removal of the eye while keeping the frontal lobes intact. Laminectomy to base of skull.  Open IVFs and expose dorsal & ventral roots.  You can make a very nice presentation by saving the brachial and lumbosacral plexuses if you have the time and are not saving the body for ...

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    Mark, At the University of Iowa we use plastinated specimens to demonstrate organs/regions (and pathology) as students progress through some of the dissections. The plastinated specimens serve as an additional learning resource, particularly for the study of isolated organs such as heart. We completed ...


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