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  • Hello Histologists! Thanks to everyone who replied to Lisa's Doodle poll on scheduling a conference call regarding the DHIG face-to-face meeting at EB 2017. We will get back to you soon with the details of the call. The poll is still open if anyone else is interested in participating. Below is...

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    We have not had these problems reported by students. But our policy is that students who wear contacts need to check with their eye care provider to see if lenses are appropriate to wear in the lab. Kirk B. Kelley, Ph.D. Professor Department of Biology St. Ambrose University 518 W....

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    Hi, This wasn't formaldehyde but a colleague of mine did have a splash incident involving contact lenses which I asked her about and is below: August 2013 I was making 100mM kynurenate by dissolving a powder stock of kynurenic acid in 100mM NaOH. I was filtering the solution through a syringe...


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