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    Greetings fellow anatomists who instruct students on embalmed cadavers. I have some questions about your institution's tolerance of formaldehyde and how you manage to keep students safe from exposure: 1) What levels of detectable formaldehyde are permissible in your lab? Are these levels set by OSHA ...

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    Hey everyone, My name is Thomas Taylor and I am an Assistant Professor and Cadaver Coordinator for the Natural Sciences Department at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). We are located in Klamath Falls, Oregon (just north of the California border) and are very fortunate to have a cadaver ...

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    John, We moved from dissection to prosection two years ago to save time, but at the same time we developed a Distinction in Anatomy track to satisfy those students who wanted more in-depth training in gross anatomy. The Distinction students perform the dissections that are then labeled for prosection ...


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