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    HI Darren, We actually submitted a AAA grant to do exactly this type of work last year.  While the grant didn't get funded by AAA, we got a grant internally from our university and have been working on this (except expanded to medical education apps in general).  We did an exhaustive review of the literature ...

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    PAS + Eosin (?)

    Hello histologists, I have a staining question from students and I can't find the answer in the literature. We often see PAS used with hematoxylin or another basic stain. Have you ever seen/used a combination of PAS with   eosin,   or PAS with H&E?  My guess is that even if it is chemically possible, ...

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    Dear Women in Anatomy, Will you help us in our efforts to achieve a large and diverse pool of candidates for AAA awards?  Take a few minutes to phone a colleague and ask him/her/them to nominate a colleague.  (Remember, in general, women don't put themselves forward.  Act for them! ) Henry Gray ...


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