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    Many thanks to everyone for your responses to my request from last week. I am currently trying to see what might be possible, through my current institution, in the way of used 'preclinical' or 'clinical' books for such a project. With best wishes, Mark Dr. Mark Teaford Editor of Special Issues,...

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    Hi Dr. Teaford, I used to teach in a university in Nigeria, and they have spent a couple of years trying to provide resources for the study of Anatomy in the medical school. I would appreciate if you could also send some books to them, as many of the students depend on these books. Thank you....

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    Dear Dr. Teaford, I have contact information for someone at the Dept. of Anatomy at the Makerere University, College of Health Sciences in Uganda. When I was there recently, they told me they would be very grateful for any digital or physical materials as they are still hard to come by. I can send...


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