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    Hi Ann, We had fixed computers in the lab for several years, and they were used very rarely. When we updated the lab four years ago we went wireless. We use 2 or more iPads per table, and 6 wall-mounted monitors backed by Apple TV, which can be linked or used independently. The iPads are used...

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    Computers in lab?

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    Hello colleagues, We are exploring the idea of installing some sort of computer system in our anatomy lab. We would like to give our students access to imaging, 3D renderings, etc but want to avoid spending a lot of money on a system that does not get used. I am weighing the pros and cons of an...

  • Hi Stef, All of these suggestions are great! I really love the idea of incorporating histology meetings/seminars into the annual AAA meeting, or immediately following the meeting. Hopefully we can get this rolling. ------------------------------ Madeleine Norris PhD Candidate, Clinical Anatomy...


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