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    Colleagues I am trying to track down an inexpensive dissecting microscope with camera that I can use for visits to elementary schools. Is anyone looking to divest themselves of an old one or does anyone know a good vendor? Thanks Gina Schatteman ------------------------------ Gina Schatteman...

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    Good Morning. Wanted to follow-up on Maureen's note clarify the message on the Maryland solution, which is 5.6% formaldehyde, 27.8 % phenol, 33.3% methanol, and 33.3% glycerin. It is shipped as a concentrate The formula's component chemicals listed are on the shipping label (above). ...

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    We are happy to announce that our journal publisher Wiley has unveiled an updated version of The Anatomical Record and Anatomical Sciences Education iPhone and iPad app. This app allows for more efficient reading of articles and allows you to easily keep track of what you've read or want to...


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