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    I copied the original question from a few days ago and sent it to our facility guy who works tirelessly to keep our anatomy lab in perfect condition. He keeps a wet bulb device in the lab that he checks regularly to ensure that his sensors are reading the humidity correctly. This is his reply:...

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    In a recent study in Nature , a team of researchers more than doubled the number of distinct areas known in the human brain from 83 to 183. A Washington Post article reported that the implications of this study include the possibility of identifying biological markers for a host of neurological...

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    RE: Humidity in lab

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    Regards to all: We are experiencing some issues with mold in the lab this summer. We have had very high humidity in the lab and we were wondering if this would be a major contributing factor. I would like to get some input from the community to see 1. Do you monitor humidity and...


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